Material Handling and Logistics

Material Handling and Logistics – Warehouse and Industrial walls, Anti-collapse Systems and Mesh Shelving


Build to Suit Your Requirements with our System Solutions:

It is no coincidence that our systems can be adapted and constructed to suit your specific needs. Everything is well planned do0wn to the smallest detail. Our systems can be combined with each other, something that is unique and creates a future-proof investment.

Smart Accessories Complete the Overall Picture:

All installations are unique. That’s why our smart accessories are developed to meet the demands of our customers and their applications. This ensures that our components and systems work together.

Accessories Include:

End raising foot UR/UX

Raising Foot UR/UX


Bracket 60x40 – Post

Extension brackets

End profile

Cut profile

Corner Bracket


The Broad Perspective:

Many of our customers want a complete solution within material handling and logistics, something that we always work hard to fulfil.

A material handling and logistics environment consists of many elements that require attention. We can offer world-leading solutions for the entire logistics flow. Everything from the Troax Box to a large partitioned secure warehouse, combined with a mezzanine for maximum use of space.

Partitioning with mesh walls and ceiling:

Our mesh panels or All steel panels are an excellent alternative to brick wall installations in cost terms and are an excellent complement to partitioning walls. You can build the wall right up to the existing ceiling or, alternatively, use our mesh ceiling, which provides an excellent overview, access for light and sprinkler systems and prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access.

Our panels are fitted with ease using smart attachments and can be used in most environments. The strong Z beam ensures a stable and secure ceiling structure.


Drawing and Overview in 2D and 3D:

We have extensive experience of protecting people and materials in dangerous environments. Our sales staff can easily guide you through the different stages so that the solution we offer meets your needs.

Imagining how a solution may look before the material has been ordered can be difficult. We can solve that problem using our Configura drawing and 3D rendering tool. Even before you order material from us, you can view our proposal via 2D and 3D generated drawings. The decision is easy. The design is done, you know what you’re ordering.


Musca Anti-Collapse:

The Musca anti-collapse system prevents any risk of spillage from pallets in warehouse storage. This is a system that has been created for safe handling and storage of products in a logistics environment.


Door Options:

Single hinged door

Double hinged door

Single sliding door (single rail)

Double sliding door (single rail)

Double sliding door (double rail)

Linear sliding door


Our Panels (mm):

50x50 – ideal for providing a safe work environment that allows natural light and ventilation

25x25 – for applications that require a high level of safety, such as storing aerosols, hazardous or high value goods.

100x50 – lighter alternative to 50x50 but still provide a safe working environment

UR SP – modular all steel panels, ideal for storing goods out of sight. They are made from profiled steel sheet and are available in a number of different standard widths.


Locking Options:

Euro cylinder



Panic Bar



We offer two different types of mesh shelves for storage environments. Z profile and drop over. Both meet insurance requirements, as the water from sprinkler systems can easily penetrate the mesh shelves. Light is allowed through and dust does not build up in the same way as on a steel shelf.

Grey Increases Visibility:

Mesh panels and systems can be supplied in any colour however the standard grey colour makes it easy for the eye to see through the panel.


Please contact us on 01489 883 377 or email to discuss your requirements. 

We can arrange for a sales manager to visit your site, take measurements and prepare a complete and detailed quote tailored to suit your needs, along with a 3D layout of our proposal. We also offer installations services.



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