Workplace Lighting

Utilising correct lighting is essential in terms of mitigating strain and fatigue at work. A diverse portfolio of lighting fixtures ranging from machine mounted flexible lighting, general ambient lighting and desk spot lighting are available from Gigant

Gigant offer a wide range of lighting solutions for commercial, office and workplace usage. Including fluorescent, magnifier and machine lights. Improved light conditions are a sound investment. Too strong light, incorrect incidental light, reflections and shadows counteract precision and speed as well as increase the risk of accidents. It is important that the luminaires are positioned so that you do not have to work with the light in your field of vision, and that you have the opportunity to adapt the lighting to suit your needs. With the right workplace lighting you can; adjust the lighting to suit your needs, reflection and glare are eliminated, there are fewer errors and productivity increases, you are not so tired and the risk of workplace accidents decreases.

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