About Gigant

At Gigant UK we pride ourselves in being able to offer advice, design and practical solutions for a comprehensive range of workplace requirements. We have a network of technical sales personnel and are able to supply nationally and internationally. In addition to our standard range of products we specialise in providing solutions tailor made to meet our customer's needs.

Our unique Gigant 3D design package enables us to create optimal working environments, our proposals are in three dimensions, providing the best decision making support.

How to place an order

We are pleased to accept orders by email or via the telephone. Please quote the article reference of the items you require or our quotation reference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance. We have local sales personnel ready to assist by phone or to visit.

Payment Terms

We accept all major credit cards or following a company credit check we can provide a credit account.


Our Range

The products in which we specialise can be categorised into five groups: 

Workshop Equipment

In addition to Ergonomic workstations, packing benches, heavy duty benches and assembly benches, we have a modern range of motorised workstations and cranked workbenches which can be adjusted in height by hand crank mechanism or push button control. Other motorised products include battery or mains fed lift columns which allow jigs, conveyors and other pieces equipment to be adjusted to the height of the operator. For the control of static in the workplace we have many accessories to complement our ESD workstations. We also supply a range of Workplace Lighting including LED lights, Fluorescent lamps, Magnifying lamps and machine lamps.
If sitting at a workstation or office table we can supply chairs, ESD chairs, saddle stools and footrests. If standing then Floor matting and Anti-fatigue mats are available.
Acoustic Walls to help reduce noise levels within the workplace, demountable partitions and strip curtains to section off production areas or warehouses  and motorised curtains for where there is a need to sub divided areas on a temporary basis.

Storage Equipment

To allow materials to be stored efficiently, safely and securely and fwe have a large range of Personnel Lockers, Workshop cupboards, Computer cabinets, Perforated Tool Panels and Bins Racks.
Raw materials or finished products can be accommodated within Shelving bays, Cantilever Racking or Pallet Racking. These can be supplied as Mobile Shelving and Labels & Signs are available for identification purposes.
Drawer units, Plastic Bins and Storage Boxes are available for small parts or NC Storage, as well as Storage Boxes, Transport Boxes, Transport Cases and Pallet Containers.


Lifting Equipment

For the safe lifting of materials or products we offer Lift Trolleys, Hydraulic Platforms and Lift tables. Materials can be moved overhead around the factory using Workshop Cranes, Air Hoists, and Electrical Telphers. In addition we have complementary Pulley Blocks, Lifting Blocks and Lifting Chains.


Transport Equipment

To facilitate transportation of equipment there are many types of specialist trolleys.
Pallet Containers can be lifted by Hand Pallet Trucks, Stackers or Motorised Pallet Trucks, which can also lift personnel within Safety Work Cages.  Larger product can be moved on Hand Carts, Long Goods Trolleys and Store Barrows, whilst machines can be moved on Roller Blocks.
To bring components to production we have Bin Trolleys and Table Trolleys. Roll Cages are also available.
We design and install Conveyor systems, Roller Conveyor and Flow Track. This enables the flow of product from goods in, through production and finally to despatch where Strapping Machines and Packing Benches can be used.


It is a legal requirement to handle fluids and waste materials responsibly.
To ensure against the leakage of fluids, Drum Lifters, Drum Pallets, Safety and Environmental Flooring can be used. Hazardous materials can be securely housed in Chemical Cabinets and Gas Cylinder Cabinets. Safety Cans be used to dispense liquids.
Waste Containers and Waste Trolleys ensure materials are recycled properly.


Our Customers

Our customer base reflects the wide range of solutions we can provide. Here are a few examples of companies and groups we have supplied:

  • Amazon
  • The Carphone Warehouse
  • BBC
  • Siemens
  • South Eastern Trains
  • NHS
  • Police Authorities
  • Local Councils
  • Universities
  • Seconday Schools
  • Ambulance Stations
  • Government Departments
  • Theme Parks
  • Logistic Companies
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Museums
  • Oil & Chemical Industries

Better workplace by design


A realistic visualisation of your new workplace or factory floor. Gigant 3D : Efficiency and ergonomics at work.

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All workplace products featured in these catalogues can be ordered or quoted for, directly from Gigant UK website.