"Gigant" Motorised roller curtain with two optional colours and material covering/transparent.

The roller curtain is ideal for use in premises where you quickly need to put a curtain to one side, for example, in garages, assembly halls or welding bays.

Operations are controlled via a non-locking switch but are also available with remote control where up to four curtains can be controlled simultaneously. For example, four roller curtains in a large assembly hall can be rolled up at the same time.
Also available as a noise dampening roller curtain. Consisting of a 5 mm noise absorbing layer laminated with a PVC cloth. A sight field of 200 mm is standard.


DesignColourWidthHeightArt. no.
Roller curtain2-colours30003000(-0104)
Roller curtain2-colours40003000(-0203)
Roller curtain2-colours50003000(-0302)
Roller curtain2-colours60003000(-0401)
Roller curtain2-colours70003000(-0500)
Roller curtain2-colours80003000(-0609)


Below is an example of a large curtain installation for one of our customers:



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  • Roller Curtain 3000 x 3000mm £ 1292.31 (11929-0104)
  • Roller Curtain 4000 x 3000mm £ 1483.57 (11929-0203)
  • Roller Curtain 5000 x 3000mm £ 1669.67 (11929-0302)
  • Roller Curtain 6000 x 3000mm £ 1860.93 (11929-0401)
  • Roller Curtain 7000 x 3000mm £ 2047.02 (11929-0500)
  • Roller Curtain 8000 x 3000mm £ 2284.80 (11929-0609)

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