Industrial Shelving Systems For Your Workplace

We all need to have shelving systems in place for all types of reasons, in an office environment it will be for folders and archiving. You might need industrial shelving or warehouse shelving depending on your workplace environment to store products or components.

Our shelving system builds without nuts and bolts. Every part slots together quick and easy and gives you a sturdy and stable structure in minutes. The shelves are made from pre-galvanised steel which makes it durable, smart-looking, and free from electrostatic problems. Since the shelves are free from support braces the stored items are easily accessible from both sides.

The Shelves can easily be changed, to meet your changing needs and you’ll always be able to expand your system with matching components and accessories like:

Metal net ends and back, metal cover plates for sides and backs, pull out shelves, pull drawers, dividers and double doors

Whether your company is in storage and distribution, manufacturing or you just have a need to archive boxes, you are able to tailor your storage installation to fit your needs exactly.

With the help of our layout program Gigant 3D, the installations can easily be design to suit every kind of warehouse requirement and production space.

If you need any help at all choosing your shelving system for your workplace then please don’t hesitate to contact us, alternatively you can request a brochure or indeed a quotation; we’d be pleased to help you get the correct shelving system for your application.

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