Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet trucks and high lifter trucks for the transportation of goods around a warehouse. There are hand pallet trucks available for a range of uses from handling standard sized pallets (Euro pallet: 1200 x 800 x 100 mm) to side rolling pallet trucks, designed to move loads in confined spaces e.g. aisles. With a range of wheel types also available, including; hard nylon wheels forr hard, even surfaces and polyurethane wheel which are better for more uneven surfaces, with a smoother operation. Motorised pallet trucks, pallets lifters and stacker trucks are also available in this range.

Single wheels or bogie wheels?

Single wheels are preferable on smooth floors and are also easier to turn with. These wheels are however subjected to wear. Bogie wheels work better on even floors. As the load is distributed over several wheels, individual wear is reduced (less load, less friction). Climbing wheels facilitate long-side handling of pallets.

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