Workshop Cabinets

Storage cabinets for your workplace. We have all the cabinets you require for your workplace or office environment. They typically split into three distinct areas; Tool Cabinets, Chemical cabinets or Fire cabinets and Metal cabinets. We have cabinets that you can use to store your tools. Standard tool cabinets or cabinets with fittings to ensure your tools are stored safely. Take a look at our tool cabinet or tool cabinet with fittings for your woodworking tools.

For the storage of flammable chemicals you will need a chemical safety cabinet in your sensitive environments. Our chemical cabinets are fire tested for 60 minutes and Conform to all parts of EN 14470-1.
Metal Cabinets, for your workshop.

Our metal cabinets are actually made from sheet steel and are robust for your workshop environment. The metal cabinets come unassembled and are suitable for all environments.

We also have some storage cabinets for your filing or archived paperwork, but if you can’t find the cabinets that you require please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can request a catalogue or we can help you with design and practical advise for your workplace.

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All workplace products featured in these catalogues can be ordered or quoted for, directly from Gigant UK website.