"Gigant" Workshop cabinet Heavy, fully welded in a very robust design in 1.5 mm sheet metal throughout. Powder coated, grey structured finish RAL 7037 on body and blue doors RAL 5005.

Fitted cabinet to suit your needs. The workshop cabinet is equipped with perforated posts to assemble the shelves, extendable drawers and accessories c/c 900 mm such as tool panels etc. On the inside of the doors are perforated door reinforcement where tool hooks can be fitted.
The cabinet can be supplemented with lighting on the sides or below the fixed shelf.

Max load per shelf 100 kg or max 1000 kg per cabinet.

Supplied excl. shelves.

Fittings especially for the workshop cabinet Heavy. Shelves, extendable drawers and extendable shelves, see below.

Assa lock set, containing lock cylinder with 2 keys, support plate for the lock and lock loop. Installed by removing the hole knockout in the door.

Electric code lock, containing complete lock with diverse assembly accessories. The lock is installed simply by dismantling the L-handle in the door and drilling a 7 mm hole using the supplied drilling template. The lock can also be mounted in other cabinets and drawers after adaptation.


H x W x Dmm2000 x 1020 x 5402000 x 1020 x 540
Colour Grey/BlueGrey/Green
Shelf 975 x 440 mm. Max load per shelf 100 kg distributed weight
or max 1000 kg Supplied in 2-pack.
Art no.15331-1006-1006
Colour GreyGrey
Locking plug designed to fix the shelves in workshop cabinets 9761, 15445,
15446, 15331, 15332. Supplied in 4-pack.
Art. no.9761-3178-3178
Extendable drawer. 900 x 450 x 100 mm, extendable 110%. Complete with runners.
Max load per drawer 50 kg distributed weight or max 1000 kg per cabinet
Art no.15331-1105-1105
Colour GreyGrey
Extendable shelf. 900 x 450 x 28 mm, extendable 110%. Complete with runners.
Max load per shelf 40 kg distributed weight or max 1000 kg per cabinet.
Art no.15331-1204-1204
Colour GreyGrey
Assa Lock set9761-2360-
Electric code lock18432-0109-0109



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  • Cabinet £ 739.20 (15331-0107)
  • Shelf 975 x 440mm £ 70.31 (15331-1006)
  • Locking Plug £ 3.83 (9761-3178)
  • Extendable Drawer £ 127.17 (15331-1105)
  • Extendable Shelf £ 95.12 (15331-1204)
  • Assa Lock Set £ 34.63 (9761-2360)
  • Electric Code Lock £ 116.82 (18432-0109)

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