Gigant 3D

Know what you get - Before you order

Gigant 3D is a unique software system that enables visualising of detailed, bespoke workplaces, offering customers a chance to try before they buy.

Thanks to this advanced system any workplace can be thoroughly evaluated and perfected at an early stage, minimising costs and ensuring maximum efficiency and first rate ergonomics. After a fact-finding mission, Gigant’s experienced engineers are able to create life-like renderings incorporating quality products from the entire Gigant catalogue, greatly simplifying the decision making process.

The unique Gigant 3D package also includes complete listings of all products being offered.

Better Workplace By Design

A realistic visualisation of your new workplace - correct down to the last detail - makes it easier for you to make the right decision and ensure that everything works as it should. Efficiency and ergonomics work hand in hand.

With Gigant 3D we can construct your entire workplace. Gigant 3D always gives you comprehensive decision-making data with 3D-images, product specifications and a complete quote. Gigant 3D is the smart way to try out the workplace before you sign the order form.


Take a look at Gigant 3D in action:

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The best decision making support
The best decision making support
Gigantic advantages
Gigantic advantages

Better workplace by design


A realistic visualisation of your new workplace or factory floor. Gigant 3D : Efficiency and ergonomics at work.

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All workplace products featured in these catalogues can be ordered or quoted for, directly from Gigant UK website.