Flat rubber cloth with damping effect for both noise and impact. Suitable as protective matting on tables, shelves, discs and transport equipment. Can also be used as a collision guard on walls and uprights. Resistant to several industrial chemicals.
Summary over suitable workstation mats in different environments "


Full roll13559-0107(-0305)
L x Wm10 x 1.45 x 1.4
Colour BlackBlack
Sold by the metre13559(-0206)(-0404)



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  • Flat rubber cloth (Full Roll 3mm) £ 191.29 (13559-0107)
  • Flat rubber cloth (Full Roll 8mm) £ 272.94 (13559-0305)
  • Flat rubber cloth 3mm per metre £ 21.71 (13559-0206)
  • Flat rubber cloth 8mm per metre £ 59.96 (13559-0404)

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