"Gigant" Tool holder for tools with MK attachment.A well-thought out and clearly arranged storage system for different types of tools. The inserts are manufactured of red ABS-plastic for best longevity. The different modules are built up as required. The system consists of many different storage modules. The boxes are interconnected into a single unit via a unique coupling system, which gives a safe connection. The system means that the holders can easily be disconnected if required. Using System Cube you can store your quality tools clearly and carefully.


Designation Orig.- Space for Max outside dimensions Module Art. no.
      L x D x H size  
  no in box mm cm 10269
Box M1 2013 1 22x22x72 5x5 -0104
Box M2 2014 1 32x32x82 5x5 -0203
Box M3 2015 1 42x42x92 5x5 -0302
Box M4 2016 1 52x52x102 5x5 -0401



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  • Box M1 £ 1.55 (10269-0104)
  • Box M2 £ 2.00 (10269-0203)
  • Box M3 £ 2.11 (10269-0302)
  • Box M4 £ 2.33 (10269-0401)

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