"Gigant" Attachments and accessories. Can be interconnected with other holders and attachments in the system.A well-thought out and clearly arranged storage system for different types of tools. The inserts are manufactured of red ABS-plastic for best longevity. The different modules are built up as required. The system consists of many different storage modules. The boxes are interconnected into a single unit via a unique coupling system, which gives a safe connection. The system means that the boxes can easily be disconnected if required. Using System Cube you can store your quality tools clearly and carefully.


DesignationOrig.Max. outside dimensionsModuleArt. no.
 noL X D X Hsize 
Reduction 2201922x22x722x2-0107
Reduction 1202912x12x721x1-0206
Table/Wall bracket angled2020102x100x4610-0305
Adapter for suspension rail----0503
Adapter for tool frame 18443 and List/Fami frames----0404
Angle module 15 degrees2098100x75x3010-0602
Adapter for tool panel2078100x19.5x9710-0701
Adapter for work wall2079100x9.5x9710-0750
Straight table/wall bracket2059102x72x1510-1105



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  • Reduction 2 £ 1.13 (10274-0107)
  • Reduction 1 £ 0.63 (10274-0206)
  • Table / Wall Bracket Angled £ 2.58 (10274-0305)
  • Adaptor for suspension rail £ 4.56 (10274-0503)
  • Adapter for Tool Frame £ 4.21 (10274-0404)
  • Angle Module 15 Degrees £ 2.17 (10274-0602)
  • Adapter for tool panel £ 2.61 (10274-0701)
  • Adapter for work wall £ 2.49 (10274-0750)
  • Straight table / wall bracket £ 2.58 (10274-1105)

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