Pallet Rack End Frames

Effective and safe storage places high demands on materials and equipment in the stores

Gigant has a broad range of stores fittings in the form of shelf stands, pallet racks and cantilever racking to meet just your needs. The different systems are flexible and can be built out and supplemented with more sections or a number of different accessories all as your needs change.

The components are made of pre-galvanised steel and are manufactured according to environmentally friendly and energy efficient production methods. This gives a durable product both for you and for the environment.

The pallet racks meet the demands according to the new European FEM standard. FEM 10.2.02 and SIS-certified as well as conforming to applicable standards regarding stability and ultimate bearing strength according to Swedish Standard, SS-EN15512Gigant. Pallet rack L-short end. A basic, easily assembled pallet rack designed to provide safe and stable storage for different types of goods.

The pallet rack and its parts are manufactured of pre-galvanised steel. Designed for EUR-pallets.
The end sections are available as standard in heights 2500 mm and 3500 mm.
The end sections are also available in other heights and in half-pallet depths and for long-side handling. Contact us for a quote.

The L-end sections withstand loads 5700-8200 kg/section depending on support plane division and the type of beams, etc. (See the load sign). Load signs are supplied with each end section, these must be positioned, fully visible, in the premises.

The section loads (according to the sign) only apply for pallet racks assembled on concrete floors.

The support beams are movable in increments of 50 mm and are fitted with safety pins, which are enclosed with the ends.
Safety pins must be purchased separately when only purchasing beams. 2 safety pins are required per beam.

Designation Dimensions Max. load Art. no.
  mm kg 11272
End section height 2500   -1105
End section height 3500   -1204
Supporting beam 950 1 x 2000 -2707
Supporting beam 1850 2 × 1000 -1303
Supporting beam 2750 3 × 800 -1402
Supporting beam 2750 3 × 1000 -1501
Safety pin     -2301
Spacer 2 263   -2608
Spacer 2 293   -2806
Distans 2 st 213   -1808

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  • End Section, Height 2500mm £ 132.79 (11272-1105)
  • End Section, Height 3500mm £ 174.00 (11272-1204)
  • Supporting Beam Max Load 1 x 2000kg £ 22.89 (11272-2707)
  • Supporting Beam Max Load 2 x 1000kg £ 33.77 (11272-1303)
  • Supporting Beam Max Load 3 x 800kg £ 50.37 (11272-1402)
  • Supporting Beam Max Load 3 x 1000kg £ 62.95 (11272-1501)
  • Safety Pin £ 0.33 (11272-2301)
  • Spacer 2, 263mm £ 13.16 (11272-2608)
  • Spacer 2, 213mm £ 15.45 (11272-2806)
  • Distans 2 st £ 18.32 (11272-1808)

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