Drum valves made of brass or polyethylene consists of a control valve that opens with a positive pressure of 35 bar. The vacuum pressure is equalised manually or automatically depending on the model and has a throughput of 15 litre/minute through a 19 mm standard cock. All valves have an integrated flame arrestor. FM-approved.

17049-0106, 0205, 0304 for petroleum based liquids.
17049-0403for chlorinated solvents.

Art. no. 17049 -0106 -0205 -0304 -0403
Design   Vertical Horizontal Vertical Vertical
Material   Brass Brass Polyethylene Polyethylene
Suitable threads mm 51 51 51 51
Vacuum pressure control   Automatic Manual Automatic Automatic

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  • Drum Valve Vertical Brass £ 100.81 (17049-0106)
  • Drum Valve Horizontal Brass £ 62.03 (17049-0205)
  • Drum Valve Vertical Polyethylene £ 58.41 (17049-0304)
  • Drum Valve Horizontal Polyethylene £ 85.30 (17049-0403)

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