Drum cock for draining drums, made of brass with a Teflon seal. Integrated flame arrestor prevents sparks or flames igniting the content. Adjustable model means you can screw the cock in the drum and then turn the drainage spout in the required direction without a risk of leakage. When draining viscous liquids such as glue, paint or thick oil we recommendmodel: 17052-0407.


Art. no. 17052 -0100 -0209 -0308 -0407 -0506
Design   Fixed Adjustable Fixed with flow control. Fixed for viscous liquids Adjustable
Material   Brass Brass Brass Brass Stainless steel
Suitable threads mm 19 19 19 51 19
Vacuum pressure control   Automatic Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic



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  • Drum Cock Fixed £ 44.46 (17052-0100)
  • Drum Cock Adjustable £ 58.92 (17052-0209)
  • Drum Cock with flow control £ 52.72 (17052-0308)
  • Drum Cock for viscous liquids £ 180.93 (17052-0407)
  • Drum Cock adjustable £ 191.27 (17052-0506)

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