Drum funnel of polyethylene suitable for use with all 110 and 200 litre drums. Low height, large diameter and fluted and slanted design guarantees quick runoff without spillage. Large area which makes it possible to position e.g. paint pots, filters and other receptacles for emptying.
which is a drum funnel for flammable liquids also has a drum valve with brass flame guard Cock with tight-fitting cover and relief valve to eliminate pressure increases at high temperatures.
Protective cover available as an extra accessory.


Art. no. 15276 -0104 -0203
Original number   28210
non flammable liquids
for flammable liquids
Volume l 9 9
W x H mm 533 x 83 533 x 83
Weight kg 2 3
Pack. qty 1 1
Protective cover 15276 -1003
W x H mm 482 x 32
Pack. qty 1



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  • Drum Funnel - Non Flammable Liquids £ 59.99 (15276-0104)
  • Drum Funnel - Flammable Liquids £ 183.16 (15276-0203)
  • Protective Cover £ 56.67 (15276-1003)

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