The Perfect Solution To An Unstable Workbench

Many people struggle to move around large items such as industrial workbenches or lift columns. There may be a need to transfer these items from one place to another on a frequent basis but when stationary need to be just that, stationary. A lot of the time standard castors with brakes are fitted, however these are not always the best solution as there can still be slight movement in the rubber.


This can sometimes be a real problem as this makes it impossible to use the work surfaces to carry out work on a project which requires a great deal of stability.


One of our customers, Parker Hannifin, had such a problem. They are the global leader in motion and control technologies, engineering innovative products and systems. As such they work very closely on products and therefore need to have complete stability at all times in order for the work to be completed to a high standard. We supplied them with motorised lift columns which they would be using for this type of work, the question is, how do you level set this kind of large scale equipment?


To compensate for the problem of instability we supplied what are known as ‘Carrymaster Castors’. These consist of a castor and a wind down foot. Therefore the workbench or column becomes easily manoeuvrable around the factory floor. But also, essentially, the retractable foot can be locked in place when working on a product closely, maintaining complete stability.


The way in which we fitted these castors to the feet of the lift column was by removing the M10 RivNut that was already in place and replacing this with a short M12 stud and nut, which are supplied with this type of castor.


These ‘Carrymaster Castors’ are designed for easy moving and level setting of machines and industrial equipment, providing two funtions in one. It is a much more cost effective and simpler way to move and level workplace equipment. They are available in six different levelling castor models with a load capacity ranging from 98 kg to 3,584 kg. They have a completely innovative design and are very easy to install either by us or by an employee on site.


Their key features include

  • Swivel castors have an adjustment cog that lowers the pad and raises the wheel off the ground to prevent rolling
  • Dye-cast aluminium frame with steel swivel head
  • Cast ductile iron frame
  • Powder-coated ivory colour finish
  • Engineering plastic (nylon) wheel
  • Die-cast aluminium footpad covered with rubber
  • Forged steel top plate for Flange (F type) and Stem (S Type) Fittings


So bear this in mind when installing large workshop equipment, or maybe you already have something which could do with levelling out! 


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Carrymaster Castor
Carrymaster Castor
Lift Column
Lift Column
Wind Down Foot
Wind Down Foot
Parker hannifin
Parker hannifin

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