Motorised Curtain Installation in Large Manufacturers Warehouse

Read about our latest curtain installation. It's a big one! Plus take a look at the motorised curtains in action.

Back at the beginning of the year one of the leading European production partners for metal and plastic parts came to us with a problem. They have a vast warehouse and required one entire end of it to be sealed off and then available to be connected to the rest at will. This meant that installing a steel partitioning solution was not an option, as this is a semi-permanent structure and although they can incorporate access doors the customer needed the entire width of the space to be open and available for use. This also ruled out the option of a standard rail curtain as this would have to be gathered at either side of the warehouse, which was not in-keeping with the sleek design they had in mind.


Our technical team then suggested the idea of using a large expanse of motorised curtain which could be rolled up and tucked away when not in use. As the warehouse had an apex roof it was quickly established that the curtain could not roll up all the way to the ceiling. Instead we designed the solution so that 209 square metres of solid static curtain filled the gap between the top of the motorised curtain and the apex ceiling.


The motorised curtain that we installed was a total of 16 metres in length and 5 metres high. This was made of three curtains side by side with a synchronised remote control so they all lower at exactly the same rate. The reason behind using three curtains was because it was such a large width, using one panel of curtain would bow the whole thing, causing creases in the curtain and preventing the successful rolling of the curtain at the top. These curtains also included strips of transparent curtain to act as a vision panel when closed.


The result is an efficient way of sealing off the whole end of the warehouse when the curtain is closed. This way the customer can have unhindered access or a completely sealed partition depending on what application they require. The edges of this curtain was also fitted with specially made bristle strips which meant that there was absolutely no gap between the curtain and warehouse wall, it also meant that when lowered and raised the curtain moves smoothly without gaping or buckling.


As well as this, the largest curtain installation we have completed to date, we supplied a further 10 motorised curtains for installation throughout the same warehouse. These ranged in widths from 2m to 6m all fitted with manual switches. They were for use in place such as goods receiving etc.



As well as all of these curtains we supplied 24 cranked workbenches, which are height adjustable through the use of a handle which is located underneath the worktop. One packing bench complete with all necessary accessories including shelves, cutters and drawers, and three mobile benches for use throughout the warehouse.


This project really shows the breadth of ways in which our products can transform a warehouse into a functional workspace. Also as the large curtain was not a standard item we were able to sit down with the client, go through their specific needs and tailor make a solution to fit their requirements. We were able to send through regular drawings and designs of our plans and able to incorporate any last minute changes the client felt was necessary. This way the client knew exactly what to expect and the end solution now, does provide exactly what it needs to.


If you have a large project like this on the horizon or anything a little out of the ordinary please contact us by phone or email. We have experienced technical personnel on hand across the country available to come to your site, take measurements and provide you with a full, detailed quotation. We also offer technical design services as well as installation quotes.

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