Introducing ‘Extendable Shelving’ to our Range of Products

Efficient storage solutions for reduced storage expenses, accelerated picking and an enhanced working environment

We are excited to share these new Extendable Shelving products, designed to revolutionise your storage solutions.

Why Choose Extendable Shelving Products?

  • Maximise space efficiency with Pull Out Units.
  • Versatile industrial pull-out storage modules with Storage Units.
  • Optimise picking processes with FIFO Trolleys.

Three exceptional products that promise to optimise space, improve efficiency, and enhance your working environment.

  • Pull Out Units - Beam Mounted and Floor Mounted
    • Efficiently utilise your space with our Pull Out Units.
    • Choose between Beam Mounted or Floor Mounted options based on your specific requirements.
  • Storage Units - Industrial Pull-Out Storage Modules
    • Experience versatility with our Storage Units offering a variety of industrial pull-out storage modules.
    • Tailor your storage to meet the demands of your industry.
  • FIFO Trolleys - Heavy-Duty Carts with FIFO Gravity Shelves
    • Streamline your picking process with FIFO Trolleys.
    • Heavy-duty carts equipped with FIFO gravity shelves and roller tracks, ensuring items are always at the front on the picking side.
Extendable Shelving
Extendable Shelving
Pull-out Unit
Pull-out Unit
Industrial Pull-out unit
Industrial Pull-out unit
FIFO Trolley
FIFO Trolley

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