Unique lifting aid that facilitates daily lifting and movement of cartons, reduces loads on the back at the same time as lifting is easier, safer and faster!
Solo Lift means you can lift a carton with one hand. The self-weight of the carton secures it without the user needing to clamp the handle. The carton can be carried on the side of the body, which in turn means the user can always see what is ahead. With one hand free it is easier to open doors, hold on to handrails, etc. "Solo Lift" is an excellent tool for disabled persons, as it offers a smooth and easy way to lift a carton.
Supplied with an adapted holster.
Dual Lift With "Dual Lift"each carton has two handles. It is easier to use the legs during lifting as you do not need to try and place the hands under the carton or to hold a corner. The user easily presses the fixed handles on the side of the carton and then straighten the legs. In this way the carton is held closer to the body and does not put a strain on the back in the same way.
Supplied with holster and belt.

Art. no. 12513 -0104 -0203
Model   Solo Lift Dual Lift

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  • Lifting Handle, Solo Lift £ 34.45 (12513-0104)
  • Lifting Handle, Dual Lift £ 54.65 (12513-0203)

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