Motorised Bench - max. load 150-400 kg

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Gigant Flex 150-400 Motorised table frame designed according to the National Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Healths recommendations (AFS 1998:1) concerning load ergonomics for the arms and hands within the working area. The curved/angled worktops with diagonal add-ons give optimal ergonomics with a short reach.
The motorised table frame is available in two designs: single post frame and double post frame.

Both variants are available with two or three divided posts for different height adjustment ranges and can be loaded with 150-400 kg depending on the model.
The single table has leg room of a full 510 mm.

The table has posts of natural anodized aluminium, base and top arm powder coated. The frame is supplied fitted.
If the table is to be fitted with an add-on then use extension frame, c/c between posts is 670 mm.
The table is connected to 230 V/50 Hz. As standard the frame is equipped with a table controller for height setting.
Hand controller with spiral cable and a foot pedal are available as extra options.

Supplied exl. worktop.
The frame can be supplemented with tables and possible push-in boards as set out below.

Gigant Flex max. load 150-400 kg
Art. no. 13023 -0105 -0204 -0303 -0402
Upright   One One Two Two
Adjustable height excl. worktop mm 655-1105 630-1280 655-1105 630-1280
Height adjustment, speed unloaded mm/s 25 25 25 25
Max. load kg 200 150 400 250
Extension Frame Flex 2 Sides 13023 -4008

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  • Motorised Bench Max Load 200kg £ 1171.70 (13023-0105)
  • Motorised Bench Max Load 150kg £ 1265.23 (13023-0204)
  • Motorised Bench Max Load 400kg £ 1811.70 (13023-0303)
  • Motorised Bench Max Load 250kg £ 1944.61 (13023-0402)
  • Extension Frame Flex 2 Sides £ 90.59 (13023-4008)

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