Gigant Protect Step anti-slip - runner Perfect for chip producing processes or other types of heavy industries. Provides an anti-slip surface to stand on. Can also be used in entrances where it efficiently takes care of grit and rubbish. Moisture easily drains off due to its studded back and open ring design.
Connectable, making large connected surfaces possible without the tendency to slip. Made of natural rubber.
Coupling fittings to join one or more mats are available as accessories.
Colour: Black.
Thickness 22 mm.


  • Withstands water.
  • For indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Withstands hard wear.
  • Designed for heavy industry.

  • Summary over suitable workstation mats in different environments "
Mat 4777 -0102
L x W m 1.5 x 1.0
Thickness mm 22
Coupling fitting 4777 -0201

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  • Mat £ 88.93 (4777-0102)
  • Coupling Fitting £ 2.98 (4777-0201)

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