"Senso Air" Super light anti-fatigue mat, for rugged environments. The mat withstands oils, cutting fluids and most industrial chemicals. Manufactured of TENSOLTMand offer highly unique impact dampening and resilience. It is very strong and through its low weight it is easy to move. The mat is available ready-made in two sizes or in interconnectable pieces. All with bevelled edges. Thickness 16 mm.
Summary over suitable workstation mats in different environments "


Ready-made 1384 -0202 -0301
Length m 1.0 1.5
Width m 0.5 0.9
Couplable 1384 -0400 -0509
    End piece Centre piece
Length m 1.0 1.0
Width m 0.9 0.9



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  • Ready-Made £ 61.53 (1384-0202)
  • Couplable, End Piece £ 118.42 (1384-0400)
  • Couplable, Centre Piece £ 118.42 (1384-0509)

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