Gigant Comfort Flex module mat that can be coupled for workshop floors. Made of nitrile rubber compound with extremely good anti-fatigue qualities and hard-wearing. Comfort Flex has an open ring rubber design where drainage is essential. Withstands contact with hot tools and certain oils.
Easily adapted to the surface it should be used on through its coupling function.
Supplemented with edge strips which prevents the risk of tripping, and permits over rolling with trolleys. The edge strip is available in yellow for marking working areas, etc. Coupling to join several mats.
The mat is also manufactured of a special, terracotta coloured nitrile rubber compound, suitable for application in catering kitchens, behind bars, slaughterhouses, etc.
Thickness 17 mm.


  • Withstands water.
  • Withstands certain oils.
  • Withstands hard wear.
  • Designed for heavy industry.

  • Summary over suitable workstation mats in different environments "
Mat 4772 -0107
L x W m 0.90 x 0.90
Thickness mm 17
Coupling 4772 -0602
Edge strip 4772 -0206 -0404
L x W m 0.9 x 0.08 0.9 x 0.08
Colour   Black Yellow

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  • Mat £ 45.00 (4772-0107)
  • Coupling £ 2.77 (4772-0602)
  • Edge Strip, Black £ 13.34 (4772-0206)
  • Edge Strip, Yellow £ 16.11 (4772-0404)

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