Wide Seat Jumper Saddle Stools

‘Jumper’ Saddle Chairs available in a range of colours, sizes and with additional extras.

All saddle chairs come with gaslift height adjustment, aluminium base Ø  54 cm and soft swivel castors Ø 65 mm as standard.

Free optional extras include; hard swivel castors Ø 50 mm, soft swivel castors Ø 50 mm, trumpet glides and aluminium base round and smooth Ø 50 cm. Optional extras with a surcharge are displayed below.

Bicolour Models are available in Red/Black, Green/Black and Orange/Black. Black models made from leatherette whilst bicolour models are stamskin.


F = fixed seat angle

T = Adjustable seat angle

B = Balance Adjustable


All these Saddle Seats have a seat size of W 44 cm x D 30 cm. Availble in low, standard and high height adjustment.


Design Black Bicolour
Jumper - F GSJ-01 GSJ-02
Jumper - T GSJ-03 GSJ-04
Jumper - B GSJ-05 GSJ-06



Options with surcharge, price available upon request:


Extra Article Number
Height Adjustment by Foot GSO-01
Footring Ø 45 cm GSO-02
Soft Castors Brake Loaded GSO-03
Aluminium base Ø 70 cm GSO-04
Aluminium base, black Ø 70 cm GSO-05




Get a quote

  • Jumper Low - F - Black £ 272.00 (GSJ-01)
  • Jumper Low - F - Bicolour £ 295.00 (GSJ-02)
  • Jumper Low - T - Black £ 287.00 (GSJ-03)
  • Jumper Low - T - Bicolour £ 310.00 (GSJ-04)
  • Jumper Low - B - Black £ 382.00 (GSJ-05)
  • Jumper Low - B - Bicolour £ 405.00 (GSJ-06)

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