Cleanroom Vinyl Chairs, available in high design with footring and low design on castors. Also available in ESD Vinyl and in a range of colours.

The Cleanroom Collection is designed specifically to reduce contamination tot he local environment and yet offers comfort, hygiene and durability. Upholstered using PU which is designed to meet the stringent specifications of the contract market, seating is available in 'soft' PU offering a level of comfort to a hard wearing work chair. For use in cleanrooms and other critical environments up to class 5 with the use of Hepa Filters.

Colours Available

We have over 60 colours available. Place your order and we will contact you regarding colour choices afterwards.


Art. no. 405 405 ESD 406 406 ESD
Design Vinyl High Chair with Footring ESD Vinyl Chair with Footring Vinyl Low Chair on Castors ESD Vinyl Low Chair on Castors
Seat Height, cm 55-80 55-80 43-56 43-56
Overall Width, cm 48 48 48 48
Overall Depth, cm 52 52 52 52
Overall Height, cm 103-128 103-128 103-128 103-128
Seat Slide        
Basic Adjustable Arms        
High Back        
Seat Tilt        
Lumbar Adjustment        
Hepa Filter        


Buy now

  • Vinyl High Chair with Footring £ 260.59 (405)
  • ESD Vinyl Chair with Footring £ 293.55 (405 ESD)
  • Vinyl Low Chair on Castors £ 226.60 (406)
  • ESD Vinyl Low Chair on Castors £ 259.56 (406 ESD)
  • Seat Slide £ 23.69
  • Basic Adjustable Arms £ 30.90
  • High Back £ 10.30
  • Seat Tilt £ 20.60
  • Lumbar Adjustment £ 23.69
  • Hepa Filter £ 56.65

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