"BT" HHM 100, BT HHL 100 Scissor lift truck. Available in designs with electric or manual lifting and permits ergonomic goods handling at the most appropriate working height ideal as adjustable work table.
Highlifter trucks feature adjustable stabilisers that automatically lock the truck when the forks are raised, which gives safe and stable handling. Easily operated valve control with the neutral position and variably, adjustable lowering speed. Safety handle reduces the risk of hand injuries and make the highlifter truck user friendly. Steering wheels of polyurethane and fork wheels of nylon.

BT HHM 100. The scissor lift truck features a quick lift function as standard and automatic switching to normal lift with loads over 250 kg. The electric lifter is recommended for handling heavy loads or frequent use.

BT HHL 100. Electric scissor lift truck with a short machine length gives a smaller turning radius reducing the trip risk as the motor/battery is positioned between the cylinder and body. The scissor lift also be pumped manually in the event of a discharged battery, which gives extra safety.

Equipped with an emergency stop to prevent the lift movement in emergency situations.
Incl. battery 12V, 59Ah and integrated charger 12V, 10A.


Manual 8653 -0102 (-0201)
BT No HHM 100 HHL 100
Max. load kg 1000 1000
Fork, L×W mm 1190×160 1190×160
Lift height min. mm 88 88
Lift height max. mm 810 810
Lift height/pump stroke max. 250 kg mm 32 -
Lift height/pump stroke over 250 kg mm 13 13
Total width mm 560 560
Wheel dim. steering wheel mm 175×60 175×60
Wheel dim. fork wheel mm 75×75 75×75
Weight kg 121 150



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  • Scissor Lift Truck HHM100 £ 1471.15 (8653-0102)
  • Scissor Lift Truck HHL100 £ 3092.37 (8653-0201)

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