"Hjulex" Flowrack for lightweight loads with hard and flat contact surface. Example of use is a goods shelves.
Product information
Hub: Steel axle
Wheel conveyor: PP
Wheel rack: Galvanized plate


Flowrack 1000 mm Flowrack 2000 mm Diameter Conveyor
Wheel spacing Wheel rails
frame profile
Wheel rails
inset height
Wheel rails
Ultimate bearing strength
Art. no. Art. no.              
13605 13605 mm mm mm mm mm   kg/wheel
(-0101) (-0200) 28 25 33 38 x 26 37 G 4



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  • Flowrack RL ST 86 1000mm £ 18.11 (13605-0101)
  • Flowrack RL ST 86 2000mm £ 35.13 (13605-0200)

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