Ergonomic Ball Transfer System

This ball transfer system is so unique that it is patented in 21 of the top industrialised countries in the world!

As opposed to being a traditional conveyor, this system acts as a great accessory to roller conveyor systems. They make moving, turning and firmly positioning items easier and less strenuous on the worker.

These Pop Up Ball Transfers, like virtually all pneumatically operated components, require Filtered, Regulated and Lubricated compressed air to operate. There are FRL kits, Non-detent foot valve kits and detent toggle hand valve kits available with other controls supplied on request. The regulator should be set at 50 PSI (3.447 bar). Each up and down cycle of one ball uses .00038 cubic feet (.0000108 cubic meter).

Virtually any air control device may operate Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers. In the majority of applications simple non electric foot and hand valves may be used. Sensing device operated electric solenoids valves may also be used.

At the flip of a switch...
Omtec PBT Ball Transfer Units raise above the conveyor rollers to move items off of the conveyor line with minimal effort.

Flip the switch again...
Omtec PBT Ball Transfers retract below the conveyor rollers allowing items not transferring to move on the rollers unaffected by the ball transfer strips.


Ergonomic Ball Transfer System


Ball Transfer System


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Ball Transfer and Positioner Pad Strips:

Ball Transfers on Scissor Lift:

Integrate Workstations and Conveyors Using Ball Transfer Strips:

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