"Gigant G-Box" Storage and picking bins in a new design with wheels at the rear for easier handling and movement in cabinets and on shelves. Extension stop at the back of the box allows it to hang in the shelf above when picking. The bins can also be suspended on Gigant’s suspension rails, as this has a suspension edge at the rear. Suitable for bin cabinet 10081-0308 with space for 72 bins. Manufactured of impact resistant polypropylene.

Complete with cover for dust-free storage.

Accessories include a transparent cover, angled or flat. The flat cover can be combined with a front cover. Depending on the shelf spacing the cover can be opened automatically when the stop edge rests against the shelf above.

Other accessories:
Transparent divider. Diagonal, which allows easy and safe picking of small parts.
Transparent front cover.
Labels self-adhesive on sheet, suitable for both dividers and bins.


Art. no.18231-0102-0201
Colour YellowBlue
L x W x Hmm250 x 148 x 130250 x 148 x 130
Number that fitea11
No. per pack.ea1010
Cover, angled18231-1100-1100
No. per pack.ea55
Cover, flat18231-1209-1209
No. per pack.ea55
Front cover18231-1308-1308
No. per pack.ea55
No. per pack.ea128128


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  • Storage Bin Yellow £ 4.25 (18231-0102)
  • Storage Bin Blue £ 4.25 (18231-0201)
  • Dividers £ 17.38 (18231-1001)
  • Cover, Angled £ 10.02 (18231-1100)
  • Cover, Flat £ 9.22 (18231-1209)
  • Front Cover £ 4.97 (18231-1308)
  • Label (pack of 128) £ 15.29 (18231-1407)

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