"Gigant" Roller rack A flexible and easily assembled roller rack in galvanised plate with polyethylene castors.
Fitted in a pallet rack and is the ideal solution for storage and picking of small parts.

The roller rack offers a number of advantages such as:





  • Modular design which means the roller rack can be built out and adapted quickly to the goods or storage requirement.

  • Separate loading and picking, which reduces the risk of picking errors.

  • Numerous parts accessible simultaneously.

  • Time and space saving.


  • The roller racks have an adapted size to 1K=950, 2K=1850, and 3K=2750 mm for the opening measurement.
    For single depth pallet racks the roller rack length is 1225 mm, for double depth pallet racks the roller rack length is 2460 mm.
    The roller rack is fitted using brackets for suspension on the pallet rack uprights.

    Each section must be braced with supporting beams (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom).





Designation Load Quantity Art. no.
  kg rollers included 14616
Roller bed complete 1K single depth 150 6 (-0106)
Roller bed complete 2K single depth 200 12 (-0205)
Roller bed complete 3K single depth 400 18 (-0304)
Roller bed complete 1K double depth 400 6 (-0403)
Roller bed complete 2K double depth 500 12 (-0502)
Roller bed complete 3K double depth 600 18 (-0601)
Dividers for roller rack, single depth, individual     (-0700)
Dividers for roller rack, double depth, individual     (-0809)

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  • Roller Bed Complete 1K Single Depth £ 250.69 (14616-0106)
  • Roller Bed Complete 2K Single Depth £ 413.24 (14616-0205)
  • Roller Bed Complete 3K Single Depth £ 641.04 (14616-0304)
  • Roller Bed Complete 1K Double Depth £ 485.37 (14616-0403)
  • Roller Bed Complete 2K Double Depth £ 721.19 (14616-0502)
  • Roller Bed Complete 3K Double Depth £ 904.34 (14616-0601)
  • Dividers for Roller Rack, Single Depth, Individual £ 29.77 (14616-0700)
  • Dividers for Roller Rack, Double Depth, Individual £ 41.21 (14616-0809)

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