"Gigant" Mesh shelves are manufactured in a very stable design and are ideal for small parts stored without pallets as well as storage with pallets.
The mesh shelves let through light and water, which is a requirement when a sprinkler system is installed. The folded edges allow the mesh shelf to stand firmly between beams without the need of screwing it down. The mesh shelf is 110 x 890 mm and has a mesh size of 40 x 84 mm. The shelf is galvanized.
Max load is 1000 kg/each with an evenly distributed load.
Required for each support plane:
1K (950 mm) x 1
2K (1,850 mm) x 2
3K (2750 mm) x 3
Divider for the mesh shelf made in a grille design which is easy to attach to the mesh shelf.
The divider is 1054 x 300 mm and has a mesh size of 47 x 106 mm.



Designation Load Art. no.
  kg/ea 15709
Mesh shelf, galvanised 1000 -0101
Divider, galvanised - -0200




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  • Mesh Shelf £ 37.79 (15709-0101)
  • Divider £ 11.10 (15709-0200)

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