Safety Cans of Heavy Duty Polyethylene

Safety cans on heavy duty polyethylene for flammable liquids. Equipped with single spout for filling and draining. The self-closing sealed lid eliminates spillage and leakage and features a release mechanism which opens with positive pressure. All models are equipped with integrated flame arrestor, which leads off heat and fire to prevent ignition. The can is impact resistant and resistant to corrosive and aggressive liquids. The colour is cast in the material. It also features a patented cast conductor between the handle and flame arrestor for possible grounding. FM-approved. Colour: Red.
Safety cans in heavy duty polyethyleneoval model. Takes 30% less space for storage.
Grounding cables art. no. 15604 see 15604


Art. no. 15600 -0101 -0200 -0309
Design   Oval Oval Round
Volume l 2 4 19
L x W x H mm 194 x 117 x 241 194 x 117 x 324 406 x 324



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  • Safety Can 2l £ 68.11 (15600-0101)
  • Safety Can 4l £ 89.86 (15600-0200)
  • Safety Can 19l £ 175.13 (15600-0309)

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