Machine Guarding Solutions for Automation and Robotics

Our strength is in the details:

Dealing with our own requirements and those of the market demands smart solutions that improve safety.

Together with our unique solutions for posts, panels and panel fixings, we are able to offer a flexible modular panel system. The panels come in various versions, from mesh panels ST20 and ST30, which require a safety distance of at least 120mm, to the PC panel, which allows good visibility of the area while providing impact protection, and our ST Steel Plate panel, which meets requirements for protection from welding sparks, dust and liquids, where both panels can also be placed close to machinery.

The ST30 panel is designed for environments requiring a high level of safety for dangerous machines or moving parts.

The ST20 panel is a lighter alternative to the ST30.


Mesh Guards:

The panel design complies with European norms for maintaining a safe distance of 120 mm and where the vertical wire on the outside of the panel also makes it more difficult to climb.

Profiled Tubing:

In order to create a strong panel, more efficient manufacturing and at the same time meet the requirements demanded, we have opted to make the frames with a profile in the horizontal tubes.

Unique Welding Method:

All horizontal wires are welded into the panel frame. This creates a stable fixing and a strong structure.

High Visibility:

The grey standard colour creates the best conditions for a good view over the safety zone.


Smart Fix System: Simple and flexible machine guards

Smart fix is a tried and tested machine guard system. The system consists of mesh panels, hinged and sliding doors, posts, angle brackets and a smart panel fixing method.

Smart fix components are held captive in the guard even when the system is disassembled, fulfilling the current requirements, rules and standards for fixed guarding.

Smart fix has many unique properties. The panel fixing can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors. The angle of the corner bracket can easily be adjusted on installation. The posts are universal, which means that the same posts can be used with several of the Troax systems.

Includes; door kit, panel fixing, hinge and angle bracket.



Rapid Fix System: A machine guard for rapid access

Rapid fix is a machine safety system with a clever design that offers quick and easy access to the machine area.

Rapid Fix is equipped with a 2-point fixing with click function, which means that after the work had been completed, you can install the panel again without the need for any tools, thus avoiding costly stoppages.

Rapid fix meets all the requirement in the Machinery Directive – 2006/42/EC and we are working continuously to adapt both existing and new products before they reach the market.


Door Options:

Hinged door – magnetic lock

Hinged door – cylinder lock

Hinged door – emergency exit

Hinged door – safe lock

Double hinged door

Linear sliding door

Sliding door magnetic

Telescopic sliding door

Sliding door cylinder lock

Sliding door safe lock

Sliding door double



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