Pallet Racking Safety

Guidelines on what to consider regarding the installation and maintenance of pallet racking.

Effective and safe storage places high demands on materials and equipment in the stores. It is hugely important to take great care when installing and maintaining pallet racking as the consequences of not doing so can be not only costly, but incredibly dangerous.


For example, in the picture to the right, this pallet racking had not been inspected since installation and it was overloaded. It was only a matter of time before a forklift backed into it and the whole system came crashing down. Luckily in this instance nobody was hurt but to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen at your workplace here are some good guidelines to follow:


1.  Make sure your pallet racking is inspected every 12     months at least

2.  Make sure you know the maximum loading of the     racking and that it is loaded correctly

3.  Make sure you know the maximum loading for each     beam level and that they are not overloaded

4.  Make sure there is no damage to the racking frames


Gigant offer a broad range of pallet racking and cantilever racking to meet just your needs. The different systems are flexible and can be built and supplemented with more sections, or a number of different accessories, all as your needs change. We have previous experience of installing pallet racking in large warehouses, such as the pallet racking shown (right) which was installed at one of our customer’s storage facilities in Portsmouth last year.


The components are made of pre galvanised steel and are manufactured according to environmentally friendly and energy efficient production methods. This gives a durable product both for you and for the environment.


The pallet racks meet the demands according to the new European FEM standard. FEM 10.2.02 and SIS-certified as well as conforming to applicable standards regarding stability and ultimate bearing strength according to Swedish Standard SS 2240.


We also have inspectors who are trained to SIMA standards ready to come to site and survey existing pallet racking you may have. Remember these inspections are required by law at least once every 12 months.


We provide both pallet racking and inspection services, but whether you decide to use our services or not remember that pallet racking safety is not something to be overlooked, so make sure yours is properly installed by certified contractors and regularly maintained.


For more information on our pallet racking services please contact us on 01489 883 377 or email any questions you have to and we’ll be happy to help!

Example of unsound pallet racking
Example of unsound pallet racking
Pallet racking - European Plant 2013
Pallet racking - European Plant 2013
Cantilever racking - European Plant 2013
Cantilever racking - European Plant 2013
Racking with pull out shelves
Racking with pull out shelves

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