New Range of Ergonomic Footstools!

We are very excited to announce our brand new range of ergonomic footstools!


The two new design ranges include;

The 'Basic' range, all supplied with adjustable tilting angle. They are all height adjustable either by hand or foot control with ESD versions available. There is also the Basic 952 Anti-Skid board available which is industrial fire resistant.


The 'Discus' range. The 'Discus' is manufactured from high quality materials, guarenteeing many years of user satisfaction. A beautifully designed footrest with gas lift height adjustment.

The steel base ensures a sturdy and stable construction. The aluminium column conceals the gas spring and the foot plate is made of impact-proof ABS. The 'Discus' has been thoroughly tested, undergoing more than 80.000 up and down cycles, which is equivalent to 25 years of intensive use! Both the Discus 150 T and the Discus 250 T are operated by means of foot control and have an adjustable tilting angle.


When sat at a desk or workstation, both feet should be firmly flat on the floor. If this is not the case, once your seat in in the correct position, then a footstool is necessary to ensure good posture.


“My work requires me to sit at the computer for long periods. Despite a good office chair and regular breaks, my legs often started feeling numb during the course of the day.
Fortunately, my workstation was assessed recently. What do you think the problem was? After my chair had been adjusted to the right height for my desk, my feet did not tough the floor. This created pressure under my thighs which, in the course of the day, brought about the discomfort in my legs.
To prevent this, an ergonomic footrest was recommended. In our organisation, both function and design are highly regarded.”

Your legs should be bent at a 90° angle with the seat slightly above knee height.

This is such a common problem in many workplace environments but often little is known or done about it. Look at how you're sitting now. Your legs should be bent at a 90° angle with the seat slightily above knee height. If your feet are not flat on the floor in this position this can lead to real problems with your legs and back and there is such a quick solution. A footstool is such a simple and efficient solution to, what can be, quite a serious problem. There are several possibilities, a stand-alone footrest on the ground or a foot ring or footboard fixed on a chair.


Don't delay, take a look at our brand new range of ergonomic office footrests today!


Basic 952 highest position
Basic 952 highest position
Discus upperside
Discus upperside
Basic 952
Basic 952

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