Gigant Supply 8 Ergonomic Workbenches to LEGO

Gigant UK supplied Legoland with eight motorised workstations to help the model makers with this complex process.

In the model making department at Legoland Windsor amazing Lego creations are painstakingly created by hand, not only for use at Windsor but for other Legoland locations across the world, including; California and Florida in the US, Germany, Denmark and Malaysia.

One of the difficulties the model makers often find is being able to work on models without bending over or standing in an awkward position for long periods of time. This is obviously a big problem as working in this way can lead to injury and certainly doesn’t comply with strict health and safety regulations.

In order to overcome these problems Gigant UK Ltd supplied Legoland Windsor with eight motorised workstations. Because these are height adjustable workstations by means of a push button control, the operators are able to bring large models to a convenient height in order to work on them. This is demonstrated with the huge Big Ben construction being easily lowered to a suitable position. This also enables the model makers to maintain a good posture throughout their work.

These motorised workbenches have an adjustable height ranging from 490-990mm and can support a weight of up to 200kg. This means that when necessary, the model makers can actually stand on the workstation with the model they are working on in order to get in the best possible position. This also demonstrates the stable platform they produce, essential in this kind of intricate work.

The workbenches are of a modern, clean design which is perfectly in keeping with the brand new facilities recently installed at Legoland Windsor.

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