Introducing Our Newest Heavy-Duty Motorised Workbench Range!

Revolutionise your workspace with our latest motorised workbenches, engineered specifically for industrial, factory, and commercial environments

Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial use, these workbenches prioritise productivity, safety, and reliability.

Experience effortless height adjustments, sturdy construction, and unparalleled load capacity engineered to meet the needs of industrial and commercial customers.

  • 600kg Motorised Workbench: Breaking barriers, our powerhouse workbench sets the industry standard with its unprecedented load capacity, ensuring stability and reliability for the most demanding industrial projects.
  • 300kg Motorised Workbench: Robust support without compromise, designed to handle heavy-duty tasks in factory and industrial environments.
  • 200kg Motorised Workbench: Precision and adaptability meet industrial standards, providing stability for a wide array of commercial projects.

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Elevate your industrial operations with our heavy-duty motorised workbenches – designed to power productivity in demanding environments!

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W200 motorised workbench
W200 motorised workbench
W300 motorised workbench
W300 motorised workbench
W600 motorised workbench
W600 motorised workbench

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