Indesit Supplied with 2 Cranked Workbenches by Gigant

Often, working with large products can cause some difficult problems so in early December 2012 Gigant UK Ltd supplied two crank workstations to Indesit.

How to manoeuvre them but at the same time keep them on a stable platform in order to work on them closely? How to continuously raise and lower them to suitable working heights?

These are some of the issues Indesit, the leading household appliances manufacturer, had in their research and development department. They needed the appliances to be easily manoeuvrable around the workshop but at the same time keep them still and stable enough for use in testing.

In early December 2012 Gigant UK Ltd supplied two manually operated height adjustable workstations to Indesit. Because of the need for manoeuvrability they were built on swivel castors allowing ease of movement around the workplace, but with brakes so they are able to be locked in position. This produces a steady stand on which work can be carried out. It also means the appliances do not have to be moved from one bench to another; the product can be moved to a specific location and worked on there.

The workstations were assembled on site by Gigant Personnel, quickly and efficiently.

These workstations have an adjustable height ranging from 700 – 1050mm, which is changed using a cranked handle mechansim which can be hidden from view, by folding it away under the worktop, when not in use. They can also support a weight of up to 150kg.

Drawer Storage units was also supplied with the workstations, selected from the vast array of workbench accessories available for this product. They consisted of three lockable drawers, ideal for tool storage or small parts storage.

Here is what the customer thought:

β€œIt was a pleasure to have you and your co-worker here as you worked so neatly and tidied up after yourselves. If only all our contractors did this!
Needless to say the work benches are very good to work with, so much better than our previous solution.”

             - Chris Holloway, Dryer Quality Development and Reliability Team Leader,

December 2012

Cranked Bench in Testing Lab
Cranked Bench in Testing Lab

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